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Change Is Possible Ask Jonathan

 Change Is Possible... Ask Jonathan:       Something that many people need to keep in mind is that change is always a possibility. Although, Portland has changed and the very landscape of the city has changed there is still hope. As a community there is so much that we can do in promoting change and being the start of it. For example, many shelters rely on the help of the community to provide aid for their visitors. Donations that are common goods such as food, blankets, clothes are of greater need than money. If anyone is to donate money to a shelter in the form of a check they can also use it as a benefit for tax purposes. Another reason this is an important aspect is that last year I met a homeless man named Jonathan. Something I won't forget him telling me is that the majority of the time money is used to buy drugs within the homeless community. He also told me how difficult it can be to feel devalued by society and revealed to me the amount of violence that occurs in the stree

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