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Metropolitan Detention Center Crisis Latest Symptom of Ailing Penal System

There is a crisis going on in america’s prisons and jails, with inmates repeatedly being the victims of widespread
neglect. Accounts of inhumane living conditions, poor food and water access, and exposure due to the elements
have been related from facilities across the entirety of the US. County jails and state or federal prisons are equally
at fault, with no significant difference between the categories. The widespread scope of these offenses implies that
the problems are ubiquitous to the penal system itself, and has sparked numerous protests around the country,
including within the prisons themselves.

Inmates within the Metropolitan Detention Center located in Brooklyn had to endure over a week of darkness,
cold, and being on lockdown during the recent polar vortex in the northeastern united states, but the storm is not
entirely to blame for their situation. The problems with the facility began as early as January 5th, when heating to
the building was reported to be malfunctioning and …

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