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Food: How to Save It & Where to Find It

Food: How To Save It & Where To Find It By: Bria Brown

How to Save It:

While processed and refined foods will last longer on the shelf, they aren't the healthiest alternative for a well-balanced diet. Produce is an essential part of what we eat, but there is quite a few drawbacks and hurdles consumers must overcome. Fruits and vegetables are not only more expensive, but they are also less sought after when scarcity takes place because of rapid spoiling that can occur.

Did you know 1/3 of all food is wasted and spoiled?1

Did you know decaying food is the 2nd most common greenhouse gas?2

It's true! By changing a few of our food habits, we can fight climate change and food scarcity both in Portland and globally.

1. Plan Your Meals
-Sit down and write your meals out for one week. This gets you excited about your week without over buying. Going to the store every week ensures vegetables and fruit don't go to waste from spoiling. Not only will you be excited to shop for your we…

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