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Missing Votes

Where are all the voters at?  Oregon recently passed the deadline to vote in the Oregon primary election and the turnout was less than acceptable.  Oregon has the option to vote by mail, but still only manages to get only 46% percent of citizens to submit a ballot.  Where is the sense of democracy?  Democracy seems like smoke and mirrors when millions ofvoters are being suppressedby strict voting laws.  Minority and disenfranchised groups are intentionally discriminated against when it comes to voting and are often discouraged from voting because of the barriers in place.   
Why aren't people engaging in their civil rights?  One survey  found that there were four major reason why people don't vote, and the reasons are education, the process to register, a limited two-party system, and apathy or exhaustion with politics.  There are certainly many barriers that prevent people from even attempting to vote.  When I asked a few friends why they vote, and if they don't vote why d…

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