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How To Get The Youth To Vote

Lamar Hamrick
I think for us to get more votes for the president we have to inform the youth. They think their voice doesn't matter but it does. We all know that the youth is the future, if we can inform the youth I think there would be a lot more votes overall. I know when I was up and coming I never really paid attention to the candidate polls. But as you get older you start to realize it's important to pay attention to political candidates. Why Young People Don't Vote These are some legit reasons why people don't vote. I also went through some of these problems such as away from home or out of town.  Home life plays a big role when it comes to campaign voting, people who family members vote tend to also vote.But as I got older and the more I got educated it made more sense for me to start voting. 
Another reason why the youth don't vote is they don't like the candidates they have to vote for. Some think since they don't like either candidate they don't h…

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