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You can't run for president, but you sure can vote

(The age requirement to run for president is 35, but you can vote at the ripe age of 18.)
There've been plenty of explanations as to why the 2016 presidential election resolved in the way that it did. Some blame Russia for supporting Trump. Trump blames Ukraine for supporting Clinton. Democrats blame Republicans for voter suppression. The Democrats blame Democrats for overconfidence leading to low voter turnout. Republicans somehow blame Obama. So on and so forth.

Pinpointing the exact explanation for something this complex seems futile.
What we can see clearly, however, is the effect the 2016 election had on voter participation, particularly among people under 30.
Our focus here is on the unusual results of the 2018 midterm elections and what we can learn from them.

Midterm elections don't attract nearly as much attention as presidential elections. Voter turnout, therefore is relatively limited. This difference in participation is present across all demographics, but to varyi…

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