Consequences for the future

When the push for oil based fuel alternatives began, methane was one of the proposed fuel alternatives. Utilizing fracking to obtain methane was seen as a way to ease off America's dependence upon oil, foreign and domestic. To this effect, the methane industry expanded quickly during the 90’s due to advancements in the fracking. Fracking in techniques (in various forms) have been utilized for about 80 years and used commercially for around 65 years. As mentioned, what we know as modern fracking started in the 1990’s, modern fracking employs advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, using state of the art technology.

While enhanced fracking and other extraction methods have helped expand America's economy, this is not without cost. The individuals who are responsible in creating legislation that regulates the safety of fracking and the environment in which fracking effects and life both human and animal, are very biased. There are enormous amounts of money in the fracking, and this money blinds many to the repercussions, both short and long term, of fracking. According to a report, contributions from groups and companies operating fracking wells gave to congressional candidates representing states and districts where fracking were operated have increased by more than 230 percent between the 2004 and 2012 election cycles, from $2.1 million to $6.9 million. There are many more statistics and cases where those who benefit from fracking have manipulated law and policy to the detriment of responsible and safe practices. 

Some debate that “free market” fracking creates jobs and boost the economy.  However this is very short sighted thinking. Due to past unregulated nature of fracking little to no studies have been done to research its long term effects on the environment or life. Yet much of the damaged caused is immediately apparent.

However, as the green movement began, individuals and communities voices are being heard, and they are vehemently spoken against fracking. This reflects in recent legislation has finally been actively trying to regulate fracking.