Avocado Toast, Anyone?

Photo credit: Andrew Purcell, Carrie Purcell from Self.com

The latest trends in food for Gen Z and Millennials is having an impact on the restaurant market and grocery stores - reports several sources. Scrolling through facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc, we see article after article and a million pictures about these generation’s favorite foods. I see people  tagged at new Asian - Latin infused restaurants that are 100% organic, locally sourced, and rockin’ rustic decor with hints of middle eastern flare. My generation’s posts (millennial in case you’re wondering) makes it look like food grows on trees...well it does, but not the point. There seems to be this facade that healthy and nutritious food is accessible to all and that is all anyone is eating, “thanks to millennials” - states an article from the Washington Post.

Yes, we are seeing more positive food trends but we are missing someone here...the price tag and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we still have individuals and families living below the poverty line at 12.7 and the majority are children under the age of 18. Affordability and access is one of our greatest challenges to healthy options and food insecurity.

A survey conducted by Portland State University found that thirty six percent of students are living with food insecurity. “Food insecurity is defined by uncertain ability or inability to procure food, inability to procure enough food, being unable to live a healthy life, and feeling unsatisfied.” This population of hungry brains is a blend of traditional and nontraditional students working hard for an education and the American Dream. Most who are working while attending school, collecting student loan debt, and still don’t have access to the food they need. The PSU community has responded to this epidemic with things like a Free Food Market, PSU Food Pantry for students, meals4kids program, and so much more. Click here to visit their website to see more and see how you can get involved in your community to promote food security to all.