Will The Officer be Convicted?

All across America, protecting people of color has been a slim belief of the government and local police offices, at least this is the belief of people of color because of the amount of shootings that kill and come from a police officer. This is has been a huge controversial issue across the United States, and with this glaring problem, has also come supporters on both sides. This has reintroduced as present racism, using the fear that people have coming from a stigma when dealing with people of color. This has been nothing but saddening and has only created fear of police rather than the feeling of protection, and this battle has been fought tirelessly and continues. Recently a police officer who thought she was entering into her own home, but in reality was entering on the wrong floor, shot and killed whom she thought was an intruder. The actual situation was that this man was comfortable in his own home and an intruder came in and murdered him. To a lot of people's surprise, this woman is being charged with murder for what she has done. Typically the system protects every officer because of bad press rather than doing what is right. The trial is not yet settled, and what will the verdict be? We are all uneasy to find out. Will the death of Botham Jean be fairly punished for by his murderer, or will this woman who is an employee of the law be overlooked and let go?

 - Shelby Cafferty

Link to new report: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/30/us/dallas-police-officer-botham-jean/index.html