From Homelessness to Housing- How Non-profit Organizations Help.

Here in Portland, we know that homelessness is a big issue- we see it all the time in our everyday lives. Many folks have no choice but to live on the streets, but there is hope. As I did my research on ways to help the homeless population, I stumbled upon one non-profit organization in particular. This organization is called Transition Projects. This organization helps those experiencing homelessness to safely transition from homelessness to housing here in the Portland Metro Area. They believe in respect, and do not turn anyone away because of their race, sexual identity, gender, age, etc. According to their website, on a given day they help meet the basic needs of 500 people experiencing homelessness, they provide a safe space to sleep to about 800 people who have no where to go, and each year place 1,000 people into affordable housing and support them in retaining their homes. These stats are amazing. Although there are still many folks who still need help, these numbers really say that they are trying to reach and help out to as many people as they can.

Not only do they provide a safety for those who are experiencing homelessness, but every year they put on many events for the community to come out and donate and/or help, and every year they meet and exceed their goals. It's amazing to see community come out and help those in need. There are multiple ways that you or others can go out and help those in need, whether it be donating old clothes, donating canned food, or even a few dollars here and there to non-profit organizations who help with those effected by homelessness.  If you'd like more information on this non-profit, or ways you can help, I'll put a link down below.