Transition Projects

Ashley Bans - July 27, 2018

Transition Projects is a nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon. The agency began in 1969 in Old Town Chinatown. It was officially called Burnside Projects but in 1991, Burnside Projects changed its name to Transition Projects. Their goal is to help people transition from homelessness to housing here in the Portland metro area by providing many resource services for those who need it. Some of the resource center services are restrooms/showers, laundry, haircuts, clothing, lockers, mail, computer lab, Oregon Health Plan, shelter access, ID/birth certificates, etc. They have five shelters open in Portland. Columbia Shelter has 75 beds for women and couples that are staying overnight. Safety off the Streets (SOS) Shelter has 70 beds open for 24 hours, seven days a week for women. Severe Weather Shelters are open when the temperature is 25 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and up to 250 people can stay there. Willamette Center has 120 beds open 24 hours, seven days for women and couples. WY ‘East Shelter has 125 beds open 24 hours, seven day a week for me. They also have three short term residential programs where case management, life-and-job-skills training, and support services would be offered to men and women. Anyone is welcome to volunteer or donate. Transition Projects would appreciate the help because they wish to lower homelessness rates here in Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in knowing more about this organization, please visit .