Project 'Clean Slate'

By RACHEL BUTLER, July 11th, 2018

(Homeless man holding up a sign)

In the city of Fort Worth, Texas a program called ‘Clean Slate’ has been implemented in order to help get the homeless population back on their feet. The program is funded through the city but run by Presbyterian Night Shelter, it's goal is to provide jobs to those who are homeless by having them collect the mass amounts of litter around the city. Fort Worth spends about $48,00 a year on the program and has plans to increase the budget to employ more people and handle bigger tasks. Last year, the program was able to employ about 40 homeless citizens who then collected about 3,856 tons of trash from the streets. Those who become employed are able to work in the program as long as they wish but the main goal is to give them opportunities to slowly transition into the workforce. It creates a clean environment for both people and wildlife, along with helping the homeless population because less dense. Other major cities have slowly started to implement similar programs, such as Albuquerque, New Mexico, Los Angeles City, CA and Portland, Oregon.

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