Zero-Waste Beauty DIY

If you're like me, your bathroom is littered with cosmetic and personal care bottles. Unfortunately, our desire to look (and smell) groomed to socially acceptable standards is not without its environmental consequences. The dozens of bottles and tubs adorning our bathroom shelves are made of increasingly scarce resources, and despite our best intentions, many of them are destined for landfills. One way to decrease the amount of trash you produce with packaging and product is to concoct your products at home using natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients can be found in your home! You'll find that turning to DIY is not just safer, but also it's cheaper. It is also allows you to know exactly what is in your products!

Zero Waste, Plastic Free Beauty and Grooming in Paris. For sustainable, green, plastic-free living. Homemade mouthwash, DIY tooth powder, glass cup for rinsing, sustainably harvested wooden toothbrush, siwak (miswak) sticks to replace floss, unpackaged Alep soap for cleaning and shaving, Merkur 25c safety razor, Buly 1803 grapeseed oil, RMS beauty cosmetics, bamboo toothbrush

How to make DIY Zero Waste Powder Foundation that absorbs oil and evens out your skin tone:

How to make DIY Zero Waste Rose Water Toner with just two ingredients:

How to make DIY Zero Waste Deodorant:

How to make DIY Zero Waste Extra Strength Deodorant:

How to make DIY Zero Waste DIY Mineral Sunscreen:

How to make DIY Zero Waste Eyeliner and Mascara:

How to make DIY Zero Waste Makeup Remover:

However, if you're not too big on doing it yourself, zero waste makeup brands do exist! It is going to cost more than it's drug store counterparts, but remember that you are paying for high-quality ingredients and quality packaging. Here is a list of zero waste makeup brands:



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