Tricky Plastic Items

By LENCIA HOLMES June, 13th 2018

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For the American, Canadian, and UK environmental advocates out there, it may come as a surprise that plastic recycling may not be a one stop, throw it in the bin experience. While plastic bottles and cartons can be recycled in your curbside recycle bin, plastic films are recycled differently. Many may not even know plastic bags, case films, produce bags, and other polyethylene (PE) materials can be recycled. They can! Yet, it may require drop off at a local grocery store or recycling center. Find many local drop off locations here – US/CA and UK. A short breakdown of what is and isn’t recyclable PE material is shown below. 

For more US/CA plastic recycling specifics, check out this page.
For more UK plastic recycling specifics, check out this page.

As we all try to expand our reach with plastic reduction, share your local resources in the comments below especially if you live outside the US and Canada. We know our Russian and Middle Eastern friends are eager to join the movement as well.