Tackling Plastic Waste, One Project at a Time

When we think of solutions to plastic pollution in today’s society, what first comes to mind is most likely recycling plastic bottles or choosing paper bags at the grocery store. Something that might not be on everyone’s mind is repurposing plastic items, which makes even more of a positive impact than recycling!

Repurposing plastic items can also be fun and engaging. A quick search on YouTube or Google for “DIY Projects” related to plastic will return a plethora of results, ranging from reusing plastic bottles, bags and cutlery or even shoe soles. Areas of interest also vary from creating art using plastic straws, to improving your gardening setup by creating complex irrigation systems made solely from water bottles. One can get lost jumping from one idea to the next, following close instructions or finding their own path. The community behind these types of DIY projects is always expanding and difficulty of projects ranges from extremely simplistic to real artistic creations. This means that anyone can join, and really take this new hobby to any length they desire.

Repurposing plastic items through DIY projects might not solve the global problem of plastic pollution, but it does offer artistic value, as well as a practical use. The links below are a few examples of the many projects anyone can do in the comfort of their own homes: