Four Changes to Reduce Plastic Use at the Grocery Store

With frequent trips to the grocery store, it is easy to forget about the amount of plastic that is used in a trip to get our refrigerator staples and snacks for the month. Below are four easy and simple changes to make at your grocery store visits to reduce your plastic consumption. 

1.) Bring your own reusable grocery bag 

Perhaps the most simple and popular swap one can make, a reusable grocery bag omits the use of plastic bags. Reusable grocery bags are available at almost every grocery store for purchase, and come in a variety of fun colors and designs. 

2.) Ask if you can bag your groceries with paper instead of plastic
The great thing about paper grocery bags is that they can be recycled. Making this simple change at the grocery store can be done by asking your clerk to bag your groceries with paper bags instead of plastic. If you forget to ask, SAVE the plastic grocery bags, as a lot of grocery stores have a plastic bag return for proper handling of the plastic bags. 

3.) Bring your own reusable produce bags  

Plastic bags used for bagging produce is something that is used most often until we get home, where the thin plastic bags are thrown away. To reduce this, ditch the produce bags and consider opting for a reusable produce bag. 

4.) Skip the bottled water 
Instead of purchasing individually bottled waters, consider purchasing a water filter or glass water bottle instead. Not only will this save you money, but will drastically reduce your amount of plastic consumption.