Four Common Things That Cannot Be Recycled And What Can Be Used Instead

1.) Disposable Coffee Cups 
Even though these coffee cups from your favorite coffee shop in the morning are made of paper, they are not recyclable. In an effort to cut down on your plastic consumption, consider purchasing a reusable traveling coffee mug, some coffee shops will even offer a discount for anyone who fills their drink with their own reusable mug. 

2.) Plastic Bags 
Those plastic shopping bags that pile up in the kitchen after your weekly trip to the store can’t be recycled. Mixing plastic bags with your recycling can mess with the operations at the recycling facility. Instead, always ask for paper, or purchase a reusable shopping bag. If you have a lot of plastic bags, check with your local grocery store to see if they accept plastic bags for recycling. 

3.) Styrofoam 
New technologies have allowed companies to be able to recycle styrofoam, however it shouldn’t be thrown in with your other recycling. While styrofoam is a popular packing material when shipping or mailing fragile items, styrofoam is often not recyclable and ends up in landfills. Alternative shipping materials include newspaper and clothing items. 

4.) Anything Paper That Has Contained Food
Yes, this includes the to-go containers from your favorite restaurant. While it is hard to resist grabbing food to go, this often includes a lot of containers, plastic utensils, and plastic bags. The easiest alternative would be dining in the restaurant, or choosing restaurants that offer their to-go orders in biodegradable containers.