10 Things You Should Know about Lush Packaging

1. Naked: Thirty-five percent of Lush products are sold naked, with no packaging, so zero-waste washing is absolutely possible.
2. Post-consumer plastic: Lush products in pots and bottles are sold in 100% post-consumer plastic. Their plastic bottles can be recycled through your city’s recycling program, but save and return your black pots to your local Lush store for…
3. Free face masks! Did you know you can return five clean black pots to any Lush store in exchange for a free fresh face mask? They chip them down and remold them into new black pots in a closed recycling loop.
4. Continuous improvements: In 2012, Lush made their clear bottles thinner by 10% to reduce our plastic usage. In 2016 alone, this saved almost 13,500 pounds of plastic!
Intergalactic in a plastic-free, compostable bag
Intergalactic in a plastic-free, compostable bag

5. Knot-wraps:
 In 2010, Lush phased out their gift wrapping service and introduced knot-wraps. These square scarves are made of organic cotton or a silky fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and are a great green alternative to wrapping paper. (They make really cute accessories, too!)
6. Recyclable or reusable: Lush gifts come in fabric knot-wraps, recyclable cardboard boxes or reusable metal tins: no matter which one you receive, its packaging is recyclable or reusable. Lush mail order packages are also packed in 100% recycled (and recyclable) cardboard boxes.
7. Lush packing peanuts: Lush uses plant-based packing peanuts to protect the products in our gifts and mail order packages. Unlike Styrofoam, these are 100% biodegradable: to dispose of them, just toss them in your compost.
8. Nope, that’s not plastic: Naked products in Lush gifts and mail order packages come in bags that look like plastic, but are made of 100% biodegradable cellophane. You can toss these in your compost, too!
9. Ocean plastic: Lush is partnering with the Ocean Legacy Foundation to use recovered plastic from the oceans as a material in our bottles and pots.
10. Lush's catalog: Even Lush's catalog, which has information about all of our products and gifts, is printed on 100% recycled paper.