One Green Planet: 10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage

Thanks to Kate Good at One Green Planet, here are 10 easy ways to reduce plastic usage:

  1. Store Produce in Towels Instead of Plastic
  2. Make Your Own Toothpaste
  3. Use Coffee Grounds to Exfoliate
  4. Replace All Your Cleaning Supplies With One Natural Alternative
  5. Use a Mason Jar With a Pour Top to Replace Plastic Condiment Bottles
  6. Swap Plastic Deodorizers for Essential Oils
  7. Use a Pressure Cooker to Avoid BPA-Lined Cans
  8. Skip the Plastic Produce and Bulk Item Bags
  9. Replace Detergents With Soap Nuts
  10. Use Coconut Oil and Castille Soap to Replace Shampoo and Conditioner