Ocean Conservancy Makes it Easy to Start Your Own Cleanup Action

Summer is almost here and with some good weather ahead, it's a great time to get involved and help reduce plastic pollution in our waterways. Don't forget to reduce your single-use plastic usage too!!
Every year during Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup®, hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb lakes, rivers and beaches around the world for trash. For over three decades, they've coordinated more than 12 million volunteers, who have collected over 220 million pounds of trash. 

Join the wave. Next time you’re headed out to the beach or a nearby park, download Ocean Conservancy’s app, Clean Swell and take along a trash bag to collect and document the debris you find.

Here’s everything you’ll need to plan your own cleanup:

Source: https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/international-coastal-cleanup/start-a-cleanup/