Why Renewable Energy?

Why Renewable Energy?

When it comes to renewable energy and other factors that could help improve the betterment of the Earth and our well beings it seems as though we have a tendency to turn the other way. Many people may not think twice about how we can improve our planet due to a lack of actually caring or a lack of knowledge of how renewable energy can really benefit us. So why should we care about renewable energy?

Renewable energy is naturally generated energy that is continuously restored. Examples of this are what we know as the sunlight, water, tides, heat and so on. This kind of energy is always renewed an is energy that does not die or run out. Knowing this, it is important to understand how renewed energy can help and benefit everyone, especially when it comes to physical health. This is where we answer the question as to why people should care about renewable energy.

One of the main reasons people should care about renewable energy is that is has plenty of physical health benefits for anyone that requires oxygen to live. Water and air pollution is caused by coal and other gas plants that can lead to serious health issues affecting your heart and other important organs in your body. A Harvard study found that the costs of coal produced energy can reach up to 74.6 billion dollars per year. Renewable energy such as wind and solar, because it does not use water, do not run the risk of polluting our water. Whereas coal mines and natural gas drilling can end up polluting sources of water that could end up in our water bottles and drinking fountains. It is important to note that renewable energy does not only help sustain the well being of the earth but the well being of our physical health as well. So when it comes to using renewable energy, remember that it will help your own physical health as well as the health of the earth. We can all strive for an improved, healthier earth. What kind of planet would you like your family, children and their children to be a part of in the next couple years? The National Pollutant Inventory is a great place to help you get started.