Topic Spotlight: Lauren Signer

Topic Spotlight: Lauren Signer
BY: Abigail Weiland

Photo description: Ingredients for Signer’s zero waste, all-natural cold remedy

Lauren Signer is an Environmental Studies graduate from New York University who was invited to speak at Tedx Talks in May of 2015. This former Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection shared how she is capable of fitting three years worth of her garbage into a single mason jar.

Singer’s enlightening talk showed the complexities of living a green and sustainable lifestyle. She shared her process of living a zero waste lifestyle and gave helpful explanations of how to become apart of the rewarding zero waste lifestyle community.

As of 2018 Signer has created an online and New York based company named TIFT: Trash is for Tossers. For those of us who desire to cut down on waste and would like to follow in Signer’s footsteps, TIFT has various tips and products for the public to purchase. Singer began the online forum to support the public in making simple changes in their lives in order to, “ the future of the environment,” (TIFT, About Lauren).

Those of you interested in hearing Signer’s Tedx Talk, click this link to listen to her personal story and hear relatable tips. Also take a look at the TIFT website at this link to help propel you into a more sustainable lifestyle, little by little. Making a change does not have to be hard, and Signer along with TIFT can help you make concrete steps that will help the environment.


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