The Importance of Recycling

Importance of Recycling

We grew up learning the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in our schools where the importance of being responsible for taking care of our environment was emphasized. It seems that after more years go by it is natural to not pay much attention anymore to that phrase and just go about our own way of “taking care” of the environment. Recycling can make a big difference when it comes to helping take care of the environment despite others believing that it does absolutely nothing for the earth. It really is a very simple act that everyone can do to make a difference.

Many people might be a bit skeptical as to how recycling can help the environment. Sometimes people do not recycle because they are too lazy or see it as something complicated to follow through with. What many people may not know is that about 60% of the items we throw in the trash bin can actually be recycled. Here are some reasons why this is important, one being that it saves energy. The use of recycled products to make new ones turns out to be cheaper and saves 70% more on energy consumption compared to using raw natural materials. Recycling also helps prevent landfills, climate issues, and destruction of wildlife and habitats for animals.

In terms of things that can be recycled, here are a few things that should not be placed in your trash bin. Items such as steel, tin, and aluminum cans should always be recycled. Anything made of cardboard and paper must be recycled, including magazines, newspapers, milk cartons and so on. Glass, plastic and batteries must also be recycled. When it comes to batteries, it is very important to do your research and find out where you can dispose of your batteries depending on your current living location. These are just some of the basic items that can be recycled but for more details, going to the Waste Management website will be a great resource to use for more information on what can be recycled and how to properly recycle those items in your current living location. Right now, things may seem fine and the issue of recycling can be seen as a minor problem compared to other issues that go on in the world, but we must begin to act now so that in the future, our children and their children can grow up in a well kept earth where proper recycling becomes the norm.