Renewable Energy? Isn't that a lot of work?

By: Molly Barnett

We have talked a lot about the ways in which renewable energy is helpful and how it will help the planet out, so why isn’t everyone doing it? There have been many reports that there is still a lot of hesitation into installing renewable energy sources. 

Here are some of the top reasons as to why people are not switching over to renewable energy: 

  1. For many people a main concern is the price. Regardless of the issue or even a product people will not invest if it to costly. The truth being that there are many cost efficient ways in which one can invest in solar panels, this can be relevant for both larger companies or non profits, as well as personal use. People want to see a change in the world, but their are little people who are willing to make that change. 
  2. Unfortunately the world is filled with very lazy people. For a lot of people the time and effort to put in systems that provide these renewable energy sources is a deal breaker. But there are a lot of people and companies who love renewable sources, that are willing to install these products. 
  3. Lastly the biggest concern for people who live in places that don’t always have sun, like right here in Portland, or if you are dealing with wind generated systems, and you don’t get a lot of wind. There has been advancement in the technology that even when there is no sun, panels are still able to complete their task. Same goes with wind and thermal energy. 

When people hear solar panels or renewable energy, many of us just think of the cost and the all the work that it takes. But if we want our planet to last even when we are gone, we need to do our part.
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