Pollution: What is it and how can you help?

By: Lindsay Peterkin 

Pollution has been an ongoing hot topic for decades with worry about ozone layer depletion and many lives being effected yearly. Over 9 million people die per year from pollution.

Our first world modern death toll from pollutions coming from the use of chemicals and out door air pollution from carbon dioxide emission continue to increase. Developing countries have a decreased death rate from traditional pollution like indoor air and water pollution however, as they develop, they start to contribute to the modern pollution deaths. 

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas pollutant that is associated with activities that burn fossils rules. Cars, planes, and anything that uses natural gas or gasoline will emit carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. There are also other notable pollutants like methane, coming from swamps and gas from livestock, and sulfur dioxide, associated with smog and acid rain. All three of these chemicals cause pollution and degradation of the ozone layer. 

How can you help? 
     Reducing your carbon footprint:
  • Conserve energy (related post here)
  • Reduce water consumption (related post here) 
  • Carpool or use public transportation so less cars are on the road releasing carbon dioxide
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaners to limit your contribution to modern chemical pollution
  • Donate to nonprofits fighting to improve pollution like Clean Air Task Force or Earth Justice