Sub-Saharan’s population is increasing, Africa is facing overpopulation issue. The population is
on the verge of doubling and if not taken under control of this issue , by 2036 its population will
for sure double its original rate. Ethiopia and Nigeria have also experienced and are experiencing
overpopulation growth and can triple the their number in the next 5 decades.

a sharp decline in infant and child mortality rates coupled with a high fertility rate. African women
in their lifetime will have at least 5 to 6 children . Although this number is decreasing it is still not
enough to relieve them. Sexually transmitted diseases such as aids have not been a cause in decreasing
the pollution . Because of overpopulation, waste increases, where it is dumped onto the land or into
the populations water supply. Straining over what little resources they have can create tension
and conflict amongst each other. The economy is looking forward for positive growth without
pollution , tension or disease , but within schools and agriculture.

There is hope for Africa , while progressive programs are being used and set up to help decrease
these numbers and change lives as change progresses.