Massive air pollution are known to be the cause of 600,000 deaths in africa.
Harmful particulates and gases, released in high quantities into the air create the massive air
pollution Africa is experiencing now . The toxins inside of the air , can kill humans by creating
disease to them and their  land , economically changing the way of life. Indoor and outdoor
activities are the cause of air pollution within the communities of Africa .

Air pollution is caused by indoor and outdoor activities.  People have taken to burning fossil
fuels to help create electricity and run their cars. Weather the issue is big or small these are
activities contributing to air pollution. by emitting substances into the air, which are harmful
to human health and are the root cause of many of the respiratory diseases and cancers in humans.

black carbon can cause, a number of illnesses or deaths, including asthma and other respiratory
problems, low birth weights, heart attacks, and lung cancer.
Now resorting to laws and regulations like natural air quality standards Africa is trying to make
efforts to decrease these issues and will succeed.