Microsoft Makes Clean Energy Deal in Asia

Microsoft Makes Clean Energy Deal in Asia

By: Claire Breashears

Microsoft is making waves after agreeing to purchase 100% of the renewable energy that is generated from solar panels that have been installed along rooftops all throughout Singapore, and then using this energy to power it's datacentre operations. This project that Microsoft has undergone includes more than 60 megawatts of solar energy. Microsoft has gone into business with Sunseap with is Singapore's largest clean energy provider for over the last 20 years. This solar project will be the largest rooftop solar project in Singapore to date, and will improve sustainability and also make important progress for overall clean energy goals for Microsoft. 

The amount of clean energy that will be provided by these solar panels is enough to power 90,000 homes in Singapore for an hour. Microsoft has over 860 megawatts in renewable energy projects to date, and is continuously expanding over the years to reduce their carbon footprint. 

This solar project has initiated a spark amongst companies now in Singapore to provide more clean energy for the country. The bank of Southeast Asia is working on transforming one of it's datacentre's into an eco-friendly centre and trying to lower it's carbon footprint. Why data centres? Because they are power guzzlers which need to be kept cool and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not only is Microsoft harnessing solar energy for there datacentres but they are also working to make them even more energy efficient, so that less energy overall has to be expended. Overall these are steps in the right direction and other companies should follow suite and make progress like Microsoft has in the field of clean and renewable energy.