Microgrids to the Rescue

Microgrids to the Rescue

Already 1.5 billion people worldwide lack electricity supply. The crisis is already a big problem without factoring in how the weather can devastate the energy supply.

In October 2017 Puerto Rico saw just that. Hurricane Maria ripped through the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico on a large scale. Along with the lives that were lost, the energy infrastructure was demolished and Puerto Rico lost 100% of its power usage. Some say the infrastructure is beyond repair. The damage made the problems in Puerto Rico worse causing them to file for bankruptcy with more then $9 million in debt.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority “PREPA” sought outside assistance to help repair the energy infrastructure, but the efforts failed. The PREPA signed a contract with Whitefish Energy to repair the power grid but the contract was cancelled.

Focus has been shifted as a solution has been suggested by developing renewable energy. A series of microgrids have been developed. A microgrid is an energy system consisting of distributed energy sources. Its purpose is to provide local, reliable and affordable energy. Microgrids perform control over energy sources, enabling autonomous and automatic self-healing operations. Microgrids can help with primary power grid failure by working independently. When operated with the main grid, the microgrid can produce energy locally and draws less power from the main grid. Wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and small hydros will be used with microgrids because renewable energy resources are decentralized.

The used of renewable energy can help Puerto Rico redevelop its energy infrastructure and the energy resources that are developed by the Commonwealth.

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