First Energy Academy in Nigeria

First Energy Academy in Nigeria

The lack of energy has become one of Nigeria’s greatest threats. 60% of Nigeria doesn't have access to modern forms of energy and 94% depend on fossil fuel, generator, kerosene and wood fuel. This hinders the growth rate in Nigeria.

Out of necessity Asteven Group launched the first energy academy in Ogun State, Nigeria. The academy is structured to support the developing markets for renewable energy and energy efficient industry. The academy will train its students by train the trainer workshops, webinars, distance learning courses, and mobile laboratory training modules. They will become green vendor, service providers, installers, technicians, dealers in renewable energy and engineers. Students of the academy will receive global certifications.

Asteven Group’s CEO Dr. Sunny Akpoyibo says” the academy will help improve the countries renewable energy workforce in an effort to boosts capacity generated locally and reduce reliance on energy imports.”

The Asteven group is setting the pace in the renewable market revolution as they previously installed 20 megawatts of renewable energy in Nigeria, which reduces Carbon emission.

Why is this academy so important? 1.5 billion people are estimated to lack electricity supply worldwide and half of them live in Nigeria. The academy along with several large projects is in place to help solve this crisis in Nigeria. Minister of Power Babatunde Fashola says “it is the nation’s vision to provide incremental power and steady, and uninterrupted power.

Also this academy helps unemployed youths. The academy targets youths and gives them stable economic opportunities along with steering them away from poverty, crime, drug use, and terrorism.