Egypt Brings Online First Plant in 1.8-GW Solar Park

By Conner VanLoo

Egypt has built and opened the first solar power plant in the remote desert complex. It estimates to generate 1.8 GW from the sun. This is great new because it will cut down on dirty and expensive fossil fuels. 

The complex has of 200,000 solar panels and 780 sun trackers which help track solar position throughout the day. All of this is predicted to power over 20,000 households. 

Egypt is importing more liquified natural gas at high costs to meet its energy needs. The new gas fields that have been created should help close the countries supply gap and help the resume of exports and solar and wind projects will help the possibilities of of energy options for the country. 

For more projects like this one to continue in Egypt, investors from different countries must participate. The first round of feed in tariffs only brought in 200 MW of projects so the government is trying to to change the international arbitration to get more interest from investors. The second phase went a lot better with getting more investors to secure more financing for projects. A solar auction to build a 600-MW plant in the West Nile region to drive down the cost of clean energy brought many applicants to the tables which was great. With these auctions the natural progression is growing so they can build more facilities like the solar power plant.