10 Ways to Conserve Water

By: Lindsay Peterkin 

Water is essential for sustaining life. We not only require it in our bodies but need it for agriculture, sanitation, personal hygiene, and much more. In first world countries, fresh, clean water is always available at the turn of a faucet. Developing countries don't have that luxury. People walk for miles a day just to get clean water to sustain their lives. Green Empowerment is helping developing countries have easier access to water through solar panel water pumping and gravity fed faucets. Watersheds are being developed and people are being educated on how to sustain their clean water access. 

However, if there is no improved water conservation in first world countries, the entire globe will suffer because the global water supply is being depleted too quickly due to the wasting of water. 

Here are ten ways you can help conserve the global water supply: 
  1. Take shorter showers, every minute in the shower uses three to six gallons of water
  2. Choose to take a shower over a bath, baths use up more water 
  3. Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth 
  4. Fix any leaks you find in your home as soon as possible 
  5. Water your lawn less
  6. Water plants manually, you can cut your plant watering consumption by 33% when compared to automatic sprinklers
  7. Make sure you fully load your dishwasher or laundry washer before turning it on 
  8. When turning on the washers, use a shorter wash cycle 
  9. Steam veggies instead of boiling them (it retains more nutrients, too)
  10. Upgrade to water efficient fixtures 
  11. Donate to GE to help developing countries gain easier access to water and create a better quality of life