The Issue of Sanitation in Developing Nations

Imagine living your life without a toilet. Imagine having to do all your business in a bucket and dumping that out whenever it got full. For some, this is their day to day living without proper sanitation.

The issue of sanitation often goes unnoticed because there are so many without clean water which is the most valuable resource of all.

But, there are more people living without basic sanitation then there are without clean water.
How many more?

2.5 billion live without access to a toilet or latrine versus the 783 million living without clean water... that is a stark difference!

Global Citizen is helping to raise awareness on this issue by weaving in the water crisis as the two go hand in hand. Because of them, more work is being done to get people not only clean water but proper areas for sanitation. Even just raising awareness on this lesser known issue can make all the difference.