Diesel Ban in Germany

Diesel Ban in Germany
       By: Claire Breashears

       Germany is making waves with their announcement of their ability to now be able to ban diesel cars in cities. This comes after a top administrative court ruling, but German officials still oppose the ban, but felt extreme pressure from the EU to push the court decision through in order to reduce pollution. The ban is not a country wide ban but rather on a city to city basis, which states that cities are able to place bans in place for diesel vehicles.
        Why is the ban such a success for the EU? Because Germany has exceeded the maximum levels of of air pollution and this is the first major change that the EU has seen from the German government. As with any ruling comes opposition, which in the case comes most heavily from the car industry for very obvious reasons.

        Although the opposition against the ruling has merit, the facts are that German cities such as Hamburg have exceeded nitrogen oxide limits that have been known to cause respiratory disease in citizens. This means that although the car industry will be losing out on money, it means that with these diesel bans there will be a significant improvement on the quality of life in Germany.
        This new wave of banning diesel cars, has showed other countries that it is possible and is leading the way so that other countries can make these improvements as well. Other countries that have now said that they will take action in banning diesel cars are: Paris, Madrid, Mexico city, and also Athens. These improvements will do nothing but help the quality of air and in turn the quality of life and are amazing actions to help improve air quality in 2018.

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