Cape Town water shortage

By Asako Takahashi

A rapidly changing climate is affecting globally although there are certain places that are getting damages more quickly than the rest of places in the world.

Cape Town is one of those places that has been struggling with the water shortage for the longest time. Despite Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa, people living in the city is in the situation where they recycle bath water to flush toilets. Shower time there is limited and it is not rare to see the unwashed hair of the citizens there.

Cape Town faces severe drought

They struggle with the drought problem for over a decade and the rapid growth in the city's population is not helping with the problem.

The article on CNN reports that the residents there will have 50 liters only per day to use starting on February 1st. The picture below shows what you can do with that much of money.

A campaign to help Cape Town avoid "Day Zero" offers residents some water-saving tips.

Residents in Cape Town have become creative with the way they use limited water. All wastewater like after washing dishes is saved in the buckets and used to water plants.

The crucial problem is their drinking water. There are supplied water that they get in line. Although there is a problem with the quality of the water and it is resulting in health issue. The problem around this supplied water is reported although the response from the authority has not arrived yet that there seems to be no improvement in the near future.