Blackout: Living Without Electricity

We are fortunate to have the ability to work after dark, or communicate with someone thousands of miles away in real time. We have access to life saving health care and an education system. We are able to heat our homes without needing to build a fire and have access to hot water and a stove. However, over 1 billion people, 19% of the global population, do not have the ability to access any of those necessities because they are living without electricity. Just in Africa alone in 2009, 586 million people, 58% of the global population, do not have electricity. 

Thankfully, there are many wonderful organizations that are working to change these statistics including the Give Power Foundation. They are helping to give power to communities all around the globe through solar energy and local microgrids. Since 2013, they have given 2000 schools around the world power and as they continue to grow, will expand to much bigger renewable energy projects. 

There are multiple ways you can help, by donating to the organization, becoming a partner through your company, pitching a project idea to Give Power, or even sharing this post to reach more people. The smallest action of one can lead to a large action of many. Please consider looking at their website and making a difference.