The Delicious Burger

Our water footprint is an interesting subject - we don’t necessarily understand the impact that our own cravings contribute to the severe droughts happening all over the world… Including our very own California. 

We do have our obvious contributors, i.e. washing your clothes, doing the dishes, taking your daily shower and cooking your favorite meals. Which brings me to the subject: Our biggest contributor to our water footprint is our diet. 

The average household, according to U.S, Geological Survey, uses approximately 98 gallons of water a day. If you break that down, thats 44 gallons a day on industrial goods: paper, cotton, clothes… And on top of that - it takes more than 1,000 gallons of water a day per person to produce the food (and drinks) in the average U.S. diet. 

For example, 53 gallons o water go into making 1 CUP of orange juice. 

Are you intrigued? Check out other types of food that contribute to the water footprint: Chicken, Pork, sheep, goat, tea, coffee!! SO MUCH MORE!