Plastic Water Bottle Effect

Plastic Water Bottle Effect 

The impact of Water Bottles 
In the United Status about 1,500 bottles are consumed every second. That is a lot of bottles! With that much bottles being consumed it has a major impact on our environment. Here a couple information about the effect water bottles have on our environment, animals, humans and how to help.

Environment Impact  
Is hard for recycle plastic water bottles, mass number of plastic bottles consumed around the world and majority of them are not recycled. The plastic bottles that are not recycled end up in landfills, litter on the streets, parks, sidewalks rivers and oceans. It can take a human lifetime to decompose tiny pieces of plastic. In the U.S bottled water and tap water  are regulated by different federal agencies. FDA regulates bottled water, but not the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which is odd to due the impact plastic bottled water have on our environment. 

Animal Impact
Marine life falls suffer the most problems with plastic, bottled water, plastic bags, and plastic bottle tops, all end up at the bottom of the ocean. Many animal will mistake a bottle top or plastic material as food, which ends up in the animals stomach. This is one the negative effect of plastic material and bottled water, if it not recycle then it can have negative impact on our wild life, marine life suffer the most. 

Human Impact
Plastic bottles are made of petroleum, which required a lot of amount of fossil fuels to make and transport them, very bad for the environment. That a lot of negative impact on our environment for single use disposable item. 
Plastic water bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA), chemical used to make plastic water hard and clear. BPA is been proven to be a hazardous to human health, BPA has been link to certain types of cancer, neurological difficulties, and premature labour and many more health problems. 

How to help 
-Avoid drinking bottled water
-Drink out of a glass or water fountains if possible.
-Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!