New Wave Energy


          We've all seen those turbines in open fields and houses with solar panels on top of the roof but you could start to see conservation in the oceans as well. A new form of energy conversion technology lies in a raft-like structure that bobs up and down with the motion of the waves from the ocean. This generator is a huge step in efforts to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels as alternative sources of energy and technologies are on the rise. The Lifesaver machine has an advantage over solar-powered machines as they can only be used during times of daylight, whereas the Lifesaver is constantly converting energy as the waves rock back and forth 24/7. Researchers also see positive outcomes for wind energy as the waves are easier to predict and forecast for so unlike wind and solar energy, the amount of energy is easy to calculate and control. 

           While wave energy is still in its infancy stages it is a promising start to a new energy source that is expected to produce up to a third of the United State's total annual energy.