Housing Those Who Need It!

As we have approached our holiday season we have much to be thankful for. Our homes, our food, our water and our families. We may not find ourselves thinking of those who may not be as luck as we are.

During the holiday season many people do not have same creature comforts as we do. In fact written in a report by the city of Multnomah County, 3800 people are homeless and within this population some 49% sleep without shelter every night. These number are only a small reflection of how many are homeless within one county in Oregon. With this in mind, Ted Wheeler has worked to promise that by 2019 the homeless will have a place to rest their heads safely.

With that being said, PSU’s Todd Ferry has created the Partners on Dwelling Initiative. This initiative was formed to find sustainable housing for the homeless. Many individual has joined forces to design a structure called “sleeping pods”, which the group is hoping will end up in Hazelnut Grove (N. Portland). For now though, the particular “village” is being designed more towards woman whom are homeless; however, hopefully with time there will be a place for all homeless!

And remember, if you want to help you can! Whether it is donating your money or your time! It does not take much. Even volunteering at a local church serving soup is incredibly kind and helpful.

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