Electric Road Trip

If you were worried about taking your electric vehicle a little farther out than your daily commute there are tools available to help you plan out your trip. Chargehub has a map that will let you see in real time if a station is use or not, in addition to the location of stations all over the United States. At the time of this writing the Alternative Fuels Data Center counts 16,558 charging stations and  45,412 public outlets available for charging electric vehicles. The stigma and worry about relying on electric vehicles to be a viable option for long distance travel is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The possibility of the “Great American Roadtrip” still exists.

Before the Obama administration left office in 2016 it designated 48 U.S. interstates as corridors for electric vehicles. Under this initiative charging ports will soon be available along these corridors of intervals of at least every 50 miles. That should help alleviate the anxiety drivers might have about running out of power. Its liberating to imagine there being a reliable place to charge up that just as trusty as gas stations are now. The revival of the traditional road trip can be reborn without the the deep pockets needed with current gas prices.

In addition to the infrastructure making it easier to cruise the open road electrically car manufactures are increasing the distance their models can go on a single charge. The new Tesla model S 100D has an E.P.A. range of 335 miles. If the premium vehicle isn’t in your "range " of affordability the Chevy Bolt  still manages a respectable travel distance of 115 miles. Both cars can go far enough that you can safely skip every other station as you cruise the open road.