Water Conservation

Did you know, that even though the Earth is 70% water, less that 1% is available the world’s population to survive on? In the United States, with some exception, there is access to clean water almost everywhere you turn. In fact, an average American used roughly 88 gallons of water a day; all the while, in many developing countries someone may walk several miles to get access to barely a fraction of what is consumed daily in the United States. With so little water available, conserving, especially in countries where we use so much is incredibly important. Water usage can be reduced by replacing toilets and shower heads to more efficient brands. However, there are many other cost-effective ways to use less water on a regular basis. Run dishwasher and washing machines only when they are full, don’t only reduce shower time but reduce the number of showers taken, turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving, the list goes on. The smallest steps can make the biggest change when it comes to conserving our water.