To Recycle or Not?

Why do we recycle?
Recycling is such an important demand for our world now for many reasons! However, the most most simple way to understand why it is so vital to our planet to recycle is to understand that the population in the world is growing rapidly, while the Earth stays the same.  each individual brought into the world brings with them trash. Which means that we have to find safe and environmentally friendly ways to keep our planet safe and happy.

As it has been studied by many individuals, trash pollution is incredibly destructive to our environmental. Studies show that some 60% of garbage that ends up in your trash can be recycled. An example would be glass. Which glass can be 100% recycled and reused; yet, a lot of glass ends of in garbage landfills and will not be decomposed at all. Further, plastics, such as bottles, in not recycled can take some 500 years to decompose.  
Moreover, there are other subjects involved with recycling that do not involve be crushed by facts and numbers about why it is important to recycle. There are certain aspects, such as education to future generations (and how this may positively affect the outcome of recycling), the creations of jobs via recycling, that may lead to more change. In fact, when you recycle something, by placing it in your recycling bin, whether its for paper, plastics, glass or something else, the items must be separated. This creates jobs that consists of workers processing the waste. Moreover, the more that we actually recycle the more t we have to create landfills (more jobs with that), which equals even jobs.
All in all, even though there is not always believers in recycling it is still important to do so! While you may not feel that as one person you will make a difference chances are you will. Too many people think like that to not make a difference.
For more information on what you can recycle visit the page linked below.