Our Good Friends' Water

Canada is considered a country with an abundance of freshwater. On an annual basis, Canadian rivers supply 7% of the world’s renewable water supply. INSANE! This country is one of the worlds wealthiest countries, and it happens to share the great lakes which contains 18% of the world’s fresh surface water. 

Although the country has an abundance of water, what does it mean for the residence and do they have access to it like we do in the United States? 

Portions of the country, like Ontario, has indigenous communities that do not have access to clean, safe water. The impact of the water crisis to the First Nations reserves is tremendous and needs to be addressed due to cancer-causing Trihalomethane’s, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and Uranium. While some of these are naturally occurring, some are also due to poor wastewater management on and off reserves. 

Research has found that these are tremendous public health concerns. Decades of articles, research and passionate outbursts have been put in affect to finally create a SAFE Canadian water supply for First Nations communities. 

Read the articles below to learn more! Our neighbors.