Green Holidays

Holiday season is around the corner. Laughter, family and gifts lace memories of the previous years, lighting the excitement of many for the holidays to commence. With exception of a few of course, whose frowns seem more pronounced as the festivities draw nearer. I know that one of those frowns must belong to our environment. A tradition as small as sending a greeting card makes our environment say more than “ba-humbug”. More than a billion Christmas cards are likely to be dumped or burnt, and if laid out end to end, the amount would stretch around the world five times. That's 124,510 miles, a distance that is roughly halfway to the moon! A little goes a long way hits home with this one! This year let us together do our little part in decreasing the miles of cards around the earth. Send an e-card to your loved one, pick up the phone and call the relatives, and if you still feel a desire to express your holiday love with a card, opt out for plantable paper. This paper is made out of biodegradable material embedded with flower seeds. The receiver of the card can read the heartwarming words and plant the card to discover beautiful flowers in the spring to come, which will no doubt put a smile on their face. This season, let’s give the environment something to smile about as well.