Even More Holiday Sustainability

We recently posted about a few ways to reduce your impact this holiday season, and now we're back to expand on it since the environmental impact of Christmas alone is huge. Click here to see some ideas of the "true cost of Christmas" https://commercialwaste.trade/the-true-cost-of-christmas/.

--Shop second hand! Most people overlook resale shopping at the holidays, but there are lots of wonderfully curated shops that carry pieces of history from anyone's favorite decade. They are often made better than the trinkets of today, they can evoke nostalgia, and it saves you from contributing to traditional commercialism.

--Buy ugly food! There are several new companies taking on the issue of food waste, which is abundant. Since most people pick only the best looking produce at the grocery store, we've created a situation where that's all the stores will carry, so much of the unattractive fruits and vegetables grown on farms gets wasted. Look to sites like www.imperfectproduce.com to get home delivery of discounted produce that may look a little funny but still tastes the same. Your guests will be none the wiser, and you'll save money.

--Shop local! Not only does it put more money into the local economy, but it reduces transportation costs and fuel usage of gifts produced and shipped from around the world.

--Get a real tree! They are biodegradable, while fake trees go to the landfill or get incinerated.

--Shovel by hand! If you live in a snowy area, consider using a standard shovel instead of a snow blower. It's great exercise, and it doesn't use fossil fuels.

--Use matches to light candles and fires! Lighters are typically made of plastic and filled with petroleum.

Hanukit by Reddish
 --Use public transportation! When gift shopping, walk, bike, or ride transit. It's much easier to find parking.

--Gift experiences! Instead of something tangible that the recipient might not use, why not gift them an activity that will provide memories? Memberships to museums, tickets to concerts, sporting events, or live shows are sure to bring excitement.

--Gift natural materials! If you really want to give a gift, make sure it's made sustainably, out of natural materials, and doesn't take batteries.

 --Donate unused household items! Look around for things you aren't using, and offer them to those who may need them. Some things are always in demand, like clothes, jackets, shoes, and blankets.

--Turn out the lights! Stop leaving your decorative lights on overnight, especially if they are incandescent bulbs.

--Share ideas! Don't keep these great tips all to yourself, share them on social media and inspire others to have greener holidays.

Like this list and want to see more ideas of things you can do at home and work to reduce your environmental impact? See the Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/takeaction/#iLightbox[gallery11769]/0.