A link between pollution and Mental Health

It’s pretty obvious that air pollution is linked to poor health throughout our body. Almost everyone understands and knows that the effects of pollution are especially noticeable when it comes to lung diseases in particular, but slowly it’s starting to be understood that poor air quality could be pushing psychological distress.

This information comes from a new study done by University of Washington students this year. Their results had several variables for why this occurs, and the most obvious reason for this is that people that live in areas of pollution, know the air is bad for them, and they tend to live a life that is more indoors. The less obvious reason is that the substances called fine particulates produced by car engines, wood stoves, and fireplaces, when found in high numbers, can lead to a pretty significant increase in distress amongst people who live in homes with these indoor pollutants. This study definitely shows a correlation between mental health and pollution but they note variables that are important to take note of. If you'd like to read further into this newfound information it is available at sciencedaily.com.