5 Companies that are doing the most to stop water pollution

Interested in getting involved with companies who do better? Here are five organizations that push the boundaries on administering clean water at a local and global level. 

Charity: Water

Charity: Water, helps to get people to create their own campaigns in order to raise money for clean water. This group makes it easy to build sites, create activity in communities and push for change on a more local level!

Clean Water Fund

This company advocates for clean water and air within people’s daily lives. They do this by funding programs and defending laws that have been passed to create clean water.

Global Water

Global Water helps build sanitation facilities for safe waste disposal along with distributing clean drinking water to rural villages of developing countries.

Global Water Challenge

This group helps connect people and programs in order to create a discussion for sustainable water initiatives in areas where people would otherwise not have such information.

Global Water Leaders

This organization educates larger businesses that facilitate water to consider a more global perspective on how water can be distributed.

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