The WaterHub

The benefits of advances in water purification can often go beyond the many advantages of simply having clean water. One example of the growing benefits of water sustainability is the WaterHub at Emory University. The first of its kind in the United States, the WaterHub provides Emory with almost 40% of its water supply which takes a massive load off of Atlanta’s municipal water supply. Because WaterHub was developed by Sustainable Water to blur the line between social and fiscal responsibility, it’s important to take a look at the financial burden that could possibly be lifted on these communities.

If we look into the purification process behind the WaterHub, we see that it is to, essentially, copy the natural process seen in wetlands, tidal marshes, and rivers. What this accomplishes is a natural control over microbial growth in the water. This is important because uncontrolled microbial growth can lead to the spread of disease via unclean water. Water purification systems like WaterHub are an important step in leading to a focus on using the right water for the right purpose—the ultimate goal of which is to push toward a completely sustainable community—socially, environmentally, and financially.

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