The Power Of Recycling

There are many benefits of recycling it not just helps the environment, but it can also contribute to our economy. When the U.S reaches 75% of recycling it has the potential to create 1.5 million jobs. We hear a lot about the benefits of recycling like converses 95% of water, finite natural resources and prevent waste from going to the oceans.

The Economic Benefits
Recycling is a $200 Billion industry in the United States
-Recycling has the potential to create more jobs than landfills and waste of energy plants (7-10) more jobs.
-Recycle properly in the U.S it can create valuable resources for U.S manufacturing.

The Environment Benefits 
-Conserves fresh water up to 95 percent.
-Finite natural resources
-prevent waste going into the ocean
- reduces CO2 Emissions
-reduces fossil fuel energy

The power of recycling can help fight the battle of global warming and at the same time contribute to our strong economy. Before you decide to throw your soda bottle in the garage can think of the negative outcomes that will have on the environment. We as humans have the ability to change the environment for next generation and animals. Why not use that power for good?

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