The LifeSaver of Clean Water

 In 2007, following many tragic events, British native, Michael Pritchard set out to create a contraption that would offer people ways to have clean water. In the video below he mentions being forced to drink contaminated water, or he would die. This lead him to decide he needed to invent a water filtration system that could easily clean water and make it safe for consumption.

Video mention:

With much time spent in his garage he invented the LifeSaver. The incredibly products consists of portable water filters that are pressurized with a hand pump. This creates enough pressure to send water through the powers of the filtration cartilage and out through the exit nozzle. During  this process, the contamination is left behind, leaving clean water for consumption.

Below is a dynamic explanation of how the LifeSaver works:

Ultimately, the creator of the LifeSaver, wants to be able to assist some of the 663 million people with access to clean drinking water. With his unique invention he just may make a difference!

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