The American Traveler

If you’ve every traveled to a different country, you’ve been told not to drink the water or eat certain foods. This is most common in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia where systems that bring water (and even food) to and from the cities are contaminated with bacteria, fecal matter, and parasites. The results of this is usually gastrointestinal issues lasting days or even weeks.

What’s interesting is local residents don’t experience this same type of problem that visitors experience. Why is that? According to the Popular Science Magazine, locals that drink and eat the food that made you sick – have paid the price at some point in their lives. The children in the developing world have dreadful, recurring problems with diarrheal disease. 

Today, billions of people are gaining access to water, but there is still a huge inequality in many regions. For example, in some regions of South Africa, water supply in 60% of households has been interrupted for multiple days.

I don't think as people in America, who have always had access to water, understand the seriousness of water scarcity in developing countries. 

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