According to The Atlantic, this year alone, there are 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage in the world. That includes an 8 million trash in the oceans and 28-billion pounds of plastic waste. Animals and other creatures in the oceans mistake the plastic garbage for their meal; they ingest it, choke, and die. Peter Ceglinski and Andrew Turton combat this ocean garbage pollution and invented a trashcan for the ocean called the Seabin. It took them four years to design and develop this cleaning technology. Seabins are installed in controlled environments such as the marinas, ports, and yacht clubs and even rivers and lakes where the waves directly swept the garbage to the Seabin. Compared to existing mechanisms designed to clean ports and marinas like the employment of trash boats, Seabin is more efficient and relatively lower in cost. Seabin could operate 24/7, do not require large dock space and only need little maintenance.

How Seabin works: Click on the diagram below.

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The video below also shows how the Seabin works.

Peter and Andrew founders of Seabin is making a difference everyday by helping marine animals to get away from water pollution. It does not solve all the garbage problems in the oceans, but as they say on their site, they are helping clean the oceans "one marina at a time."

How do you think you can make a difference in the marine life? What do you think of Peter and Andrew's Seabin invention? Are there any pros and cons that you want to share regarding Seabin? Let your voice be heard and leave a comment below.

For more information click this link: Seabin

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