Improving Communities with Micro-Hydro Technology

Micro-Hydro Power is a reliable way to bring renewable technology to rural communities without the resources to provide mass electricity. Micro-Hydro not only runs on a local water source, but it only needs a small canal to keep the turbine, waterwheel, or pump moving. With 1.2 billion people being without electricity on our planet, this is a proven sustainable means to provide electricity to small communities by cost-effective means. Other benefits of Micro-Hydro are that it is constantly running, day and night, it does not cause any environmental damage. Though there is a need for an active water source and Micro-Hydro may leave the area in which it’s built slightly less aesthetically pleasing, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Portland State University has previously paired with Green Empowerment to provide Micro-Hydro in communities in Borneo. Before the addition of Micro-Hydro within these communities, there were a few solar panels to provide enough electricity for limited use, since the Micro-Hydro system has become available, citizens of the communities in use of it have enough electricity to improve on jobs, education, and entertainment; things regularly taken for granted in communities that have access to mass electricity sources. Green Empowerment and Micro-Hydro have made consistent, reliable, sustainable electricity a reality in communities that previously struggled with such resources.